Car park solutions

Effective management of parking spaces


The parking guidance system INGEPARK is the perfect solution for the effective management of parking spaces. Using indicators such as arrows and lights, users considerably reduce the time they spend searching for a parking space. At the control point, the car park operator will also have software displaying the real status of spaces, allowing it to monitor how long spaces are occupied for, reserve spaces for events, view occupancy statistics by areas, etc.


Guidance system

Detection is the essence of the guidance system, since management begins with the reading made of the status of each space (Free-Occupied).

As soon as the sensor detects that a space has changed status (Free/Occupied), it signals this change and sends the information to the management software, ensuring that the operator is always aware of the real status of the spaces. Each group of spaces is assigned an arrow at its entrance area. When all the spaces are occupied, the arrow is switched off, telling users that there are no vacant spaces in that area. Moreover, at entrances to the different floors or main areas, numerical indicators of free spaces are installed to give users an idea of how full they are.

software Ingepark

Management software

INGEPARK is managed by a Windows-based software environment for user-friendliness. The software monitors the readings from each sensor and regulates its operation.

If required, spaces can be divided into areas and visually distinctive colours can be assigned to each. This will give the operator visual control of the car park status. Operators can also view numerical information on occupancy by displaying the number of occupied and free spaces in each area and/or floor of the car park.

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